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The Association Management Company was founded in 1974 by recent Business school graduates Daniel Witherstone and Robert Ketty. With Ketty's strong background in financial services management alongside Witherstone's ability to connect with people, the two men envisioned combining their skills to establish an Association Management firm that would be anything but business as usual.

Both men lived in communities with Homeowners Associations that seemed to have good ideas, but lacked the direction and the personnel to implement any sustained effective community organization. Both had seen their HOA's fluctuate in terms of commitment of volunteers, dedication of Board Members, resident interaction, and overall community synergy. Witherstone had taken a position as Vice president of his community's financial affairs committee, and gained a valuable sense of the inner workings of Homeowners Association Management in a large community. What he also gained was knowledge of how to effectively communicate and implement ideas to others. This experience and knowledge would serve as the catalyst to the eventual establishment of what he envisioned as, "An Association Management plan that could serve every need in every community."

Intended to serve the needs of the greater metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs, Ketty & Witherstone contacted a small group of initial investors for startup capital. Most were impressed with their detailed plans and services, coupled with their passion for working to establish a kind of "Association Management Community" with local businesses, organizations and leaders. This unique perspective on Association Management was anchored by Ketty and Witherstone's revolutionary approach to relationship building and partnership enhancement; making The Association Management Company the first professional property management company that established a network of what Ketty refers to as "Greater Community Management." Their approach was based on reinventing a "Community" made of dozens, to eventually hundreds of local business partners that invented an intricate network of firms whose products and services intertwined to synergize across industries and markets. With so many professional service groups, organizations, and individuals working towards the common goal of "Greater Community Management;" The Association Management Company had essentially spearheaded the creation of an elaborate network of interconnected business service providers who all had mutual goals.

In the last 25 years, that network, along with Witherstone and Ketty's vision for Association Management for every need in every community, has continued to thrive.

After 15 years in operation, The Association Management Company was awarded the coveted "Lattermore Business Award," given annually to local businesses that have made a significant impact on the community and its economic and educational vitality. Following that accolade, the next year, 'Forbes small business' magazine named The Association Management Company to their top 50 in their 'Ones to watch' series. In the fall of 2007, Witherstone was named to the Executive Board of National Association Management Enterprise magazine, and honored with the distinction of being the only awarded HOA & Association Management executive to teach an enhanced curriculum at both the collegiate and corporate level in the same year.

Today with more than 87 employees, several offices city wide as well as two satellite offices in 2 neighboring states, Ketty & Witherstone's dream of a new kind of HOA management has seemingly come to life. The firm has plans to continue expansion deeper into the state as well as bolster operations nationwide in the coming years.